Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Pause for Reflection

These girls I pick up at parties
Bite when they suck my cock
I should really reassess why
I coat my cock in chocolate
Before putting on my clown-suit.


invisible_hand said...

clown suit pickups are for minors, not ladyfolk.

Alberto said...

No, Mr. Hand. Maybe the Admiral is onto something.

*gets a bootle of chocolate syrup, a rainbow-colored afro-wig, a rubber nose, white powder, a polka-dotted jumpsuit, and floppy shoes.*

I'll get back to you all about this later.

invisible_hand said...

"women like 3 things:
chocolate dick. it's brilliant!"
~eugene mirman, sexpert.

I. F. VAN SANT said...

or you could wrap a benjamin around your cocoa-cock and pick up both the young and old, children and cougars. except one would have to rig a currency locking device that releases only upon climax so that the gold diggers don't run off before finishing the job.