Saturday, May 14, 2011

AND we're back.

Dearest, darlingest Phileaux and phriends,

Christ, it's been too long. And our poor Phlog is hanged!—or at least terribly neglected. But that'll change now, especially since yours truly has sweet bugger all to amuse hirself between now and when work starts in June. So I'm going to be uploading a semester's worth of Philo Phun: LitExes! More Kilmer poems! Spring Surgam! What joy.

But first, some business.

A hearty congratulations to outgoing board members—Chancellor William Ford CC'13, Barnard [Dangerous] Liaison Bianca Isaias BC'11, Censor Christopher Travis CC'11, and especially Moderator Kazim Panjwani—on completing their terms, as Cato Uticensis might say, cum maxima innocentia. You steered well the ship of Philo state.

Further congratulations to graduating seniors—as I have them in the address book—on your impending geezerhood. Keep those dentures handy for debates.
Messrs N. Baron, A. Blumenthal, J. Ennever, M. Kelly, B. Kiernan, M.K. Panjwani, A. Rigosi, H. Schley, R. T. Smith, Z. Sheppard, C. Travis, and D. Walden, and Mmes C. Casiello, S. Itzkoff, E. Rotman, M. Shannon, S. L. Hofstein, B. Isaias, G. Laidlaw, A. Mottola, J. Poindexter, and A. Warner.

And, last, a warm welcome to the Fall 2011 board!
Moderator - Mr.[/Lady] Gavin Mc[Evenin]Gown
Censor - Mr. Benjamin Bardin
Scriba - Mr. Jason Kruta
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Ms. Rebecca Miller
Literary Czar - Ms. M.C. Allen
Minister of Propaganda - Ms. Maya Meredith
Impresario - Ms. Audrey Massmann

[Supporting officers are so far unlisted because we have some positions yet to fill. We'll keep you posted.]

It's going to be a great semester, my loves. I look forward to it.

Your McGauderator.

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